Bevel Summer Recap

As we approach Labor Day Weekend and prepare for the excitement in the fall, our Bevel team recapped what was most memorable for them over these last few summer months.

Kicking it off in June, we were excited to have our first in-person Bevel Books and Bourbon event at Bevel’s favorite wine bar in Tribeca: L’entree. The evening consisted of a conversation between Red Antler co-founder Emily Heyward and Forbes Women contributor Gabby Shacknai as the two discussed the foundations of building a brand that is memorable for the consumer.

As we moved through the summer, our team enjoyed team outings to Grand Banks on the Hudson River as well as workout classes at Coreology in Los Angeles. Our summer events all built up to our first LA Tech Week party where we hosted founders, investors, and conference attendees for a tapas happy hour.

Senior Associate, Alyssa Lyles shared, "The energy at LA Tech Week was a great reminder of the potential of the industry. With so much going on, it was exciting to see what all the great minds in the LA area are innovating towards and meet the people that are creating the next big thing. It’s an amazing feeling to know that Bevel is working in conjunction with these individuals."

As summer comes to a close, we are excited to continue the momentum and see everyone in September!

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