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Launching a Venture Firm: Primetime Partners


Primetime Partners is an early-stage venture capital fund that invests in, and builds from the ground up, companies that can transform the quality of living for older adults. Run by Alan Patricof and Abby Levy, the firm aims to unlock the talent and expertise of experienced older adults as founders and business builders.


Bevel coordinated the launch strategy for Primetime Partners in the summer of 2020, with the goal to generate impactful press coverage to spark interest and garner support among potential investors, founders, CEOs and the healthcare sector at large. Bevel leveraged Alan Patricof’s existing influence in the venture space and media history while building Abby Levy’s profile beyond the wellness space to frame her as the primary spokesperson for Primetime Partners.

Bevel worked with the co-founders to establish the new brand voice of Primetime Partners and position them in the venture space. Since both Patricof and Levy held high-profile positions before, they had media training and experience with press. But neither had worked in the age-tech space before. Bevel conducted a competitive analysis to determine differentiators and position their narratives as it relates to the aging market. Much of the executive thought-leadership involved establishing both Patricof and Levy apart from their former roles.

Bevel also leveraged the pandemic tailwinds, which exposed cracks in systems to support the aging population, dubbed the “silver tsunami.” As the Boomer generations reaches old age, there is a shortage of resources in everything from healthcare to retirement and housing. Bevel positioned Primetime Partners as the leaders starting the conversation on challenges of the aging American population with personal, tangible, and relatable experiences in the media.

As one of the only venture firm’s specializing in the space, Bevel’s media strategy focused on creating more transparency in the conversation around aging. Bevel targeted top-tier publications in the business and age categories, plus podcast, broadcast, award, and conference platforms.


In the first three months, Bevel secured top-tier media placements, including in-depth coverage in Bloomberg, Fortune, Forbes, and CNBC. The launch press strategy commenced with a profile of Alan in the Wall Street Journal Magazine and exclusive launch news with a two-page print spread in Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine.

“They’re an unlikely duo with an unlikely plan. If it works, it could change the lives of millions of seniors and upend assumptions about venture capital.”
- Fortune

To continue the buzz about Primetime Partners, Bevel has secured media coverage in business, tech, finance, health, and venture outlets, opinion editorials on issues facing aging adults, and broadcast news segments on Bloomberg TV, CNN Business, CNBC, and Cheddar.

Primetime Partners credits the press surrounding the launch as critical to the lead-generation for pre-seed and seed companies. In the first year, Primetime evaluated 560 companies and made 14 investments; by year two, the team evaluated 2000 companies and made more than 25 investments. More importantly, Primetime started a mainstream conversation around the needs of our aging population and how forward-thinking leaders in the tech and entrepreneurial spaces can solve these challenges.

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