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Bevel Represents Curio Cards, First NFT on Ethereum

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We’re excited to announce that Bevel is representing Curio Cards in a first-of-its-kind live auction with Christie’s auction house this Friday, October 1st. Noah Davis, Head of Digital Sales and NFT specialist at Christie’s auction house is making history with the first live sale of an NFT on Ethereum.

"While many believe CryptoPunks was the earliest NFT project, it was actually this 2017 historical blockchain project, Curio Cards, that holds that title"

Curio Cards were rediscovered and recently brought mainstream. They are now officially recognized as the first NFT art collection on Ethereum. One extremely rare full set of Curio Cards, made up of 31 individual NFTs, is up for auction at Christie’s this week. This is the first piece of art sold by a major auction house that will be bid on live and paid for in Ethereum.

A few notable members are included as a part of the project such as Gary Vee, (Curio Card Full Set Owner, entrepreneur and NFT expert), Adam McBride, (NFT archaeologist), and Daryl Morey, (President of the Philadelphia 76ers and Curio Card Full Set Owner).

Want to know what makes the Curio Cards sale special in the NFT space, how Curio Cards are paving the way for NFTs sold on Ethereum, and the future of NFTs and digital art in esteemed live auction sales? The Christie’s sale will be livestreamed starting at 9:30am ET on Friday, October 1st.