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Blog | December 21, 2021

A Year-End Message from Our Executive Chair

Team,   As we reflect on this extraordinary year for Bevel, I am reminded of a personal milestone that is fast approaching: my longest tenure at a job during my career. I’ve never actually stayed at a job for more than four years: call it boredom, a toxic boss or just an itch I needed […]

Blog | November 2, 2021

Bevel Hires Hiltzik Strategies Co-Founder, Roni Gross, As COO

We’re proud to share that our Chief Operating Officer, Roni Gross, has been profiled in PRWeek as the newest addition to Bevel’s executive leadership team. Roni brings over a decade of experience as a finance and operations executive to Bevel as we face a significant turning point in the firm’s growth trajectory.  “Roni will play […]

Blog Uncategorized | September 30, 2021

Bevel Represents Curio Cards, First NFT on Ethereum, Being Sold in Live Auction at Christie’s on October 1st

We’re excited to announce that Bevel is representing Curio Cards in a first-of-its-kind live auction with Christie’s auction house this Friday, October 1st. Noah Davis, Head of Digital Sales and NFT specialist at Christie’s auction house is making history with the first live sale of an NFT on Ethereum.    While many believe CryptoPunks was […]

Client News | August 10, 2021

Say Technologies is Joining Robinhood

By Aparna Chennapragrada, Chief Product Officer, Robinhood One of our core values is Participation is Power. We think there’s room for everyone in the financial markets and we’re always working to help first-time investors become long-term investors. We’re excited to share that Robinhood Markets has signed an agreement to acquire Say Technologies for approximately $140 […]

Client News | June 28, 2021

Coinbase Acquires Meemo

We are thrilled to share that our client Meemo has been acquired by Coinbase. André Madeira and Wisam Dakka, along with their wonderful team, are joining the cryptocurrency technology platform and will contribute to its mission to decentralize finance.  The team’s unique skill set of understanding how to work with data at scale positions them […]

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