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Account Member Spotlight: Jeanne Yurman

February 23, 2021

Why do you love PR and how did you get into it?

A lot of people say they love PR because they love storytelling. I do love storytelling and was a storyteller for many years as a broadcast reporter. Though in PR, it’s not the storytelling that I enjoy per se. I love the nuances of helping clients do their storytelling whether it’s about themselves, how they built a company or of their product or brand. How might a client’s brand positioning be interpreted by a target audience? How might a certain pitch land with a reporter? How can a client present themselves in the desired way? I love working through that collaboratively with clients and with my teams, mapping out strategies and answers to those questions. 

What drew you to Bevel? 

A number of things drew me to Bevel. Off the top, Bevel’s client list is impressive. We work with marquis names and for good reason. It’s a creative shop. We are pros at what we do. Bevel encourages everyone on the team to bring new ideas forward that may fall outside of traditional PR. I liked that there was a lot of opportunity for me personally and other team members as well to take on new opportunities to grow in different directions. And I really like Bevel’s people. It’s such a terrific, solid, dedicated, ego-free group. I sensed it when I first interviewed for the role and it has been borne out now as a member of the team.

 What is your work mantra?

I’m pretty disciplined about work and have a lot of stamina. I can work hard for long stretches. That said, I keep it all in perspective. Nobody ever says, at the end of life, that they wished they had worked harder. So I try to always work to live, not live to work.

Tell me a few things that you’re personally passionate about. 

Many people who know me would likely say ‘her kids and Equinox’. I am passionate about both, of course, especially about the former. Though I am equally passionate about the value of in-real-life connection and experiences, whether that’s with each other or our environment and connection with ourselves. This is what matters. IRL experiences is where life happens and something that no screen, in 3D or beyond, can ever compete with. I’m passionate about encouraging people to embrace this concept.

What’s one piece of advice you have for the founders and CEOs you work with?

Whether it’s a potential new customer, someone you want to establish business relationships with or creating a connection with a reporter or an audience, research shows that people perceiving you as ‘trustworthy’ and ‘likable’ trumps being perceived as ‘skilled’, ‘experienced’ and ‘capable’. Let people see and know you. Think of your favorite business leaders. They are the ones who have humility, may be self-depreciating, are thoughtful, reflective but are also honest and real. Don’t fake it. People sense bullshxtters. That will make them not like you. Laugh a little. Lighten up a little. Especially when it comes to PR, the more ‘human’ you can be with the media the more you’ll score points, make a positive impression, and get asked back the next time.


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