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Will the Pandemic Kill Sexist Schmoozing?

June 24, 2020

Our CEO, Jessica Schaefer, shared her thoughts with PRWeek in an op-ed about how the pandemic will kill sexist schmoozing and her personal experience as a female founder.

Read more about her piece in PR Week.

Here’s an excerpt below.

“Under the lockdown, winning business is more about competence and less about charm,” says Bevel CEO, Jessica Schaefer.

“Over the past two months, I’ve closed more deals at a faster pace than ever before. At Bevel, our services, including reputation management, investor and employee communications, crisis communications and brand building through earned media, are needed more now than ever. The only difference is what it takes to close a deal.”

“It feels refreshing to be considered for something because of merit. Not all the changes and newly-formed habits from COVID-19 will stick. But I do think we’ll start to see a societal shift towards new business norms that will leave all of our calendars a little lighter and our hearts a bit fuller.”

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