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Why We Launched Bevel

February 8, 2017

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself”

Hungry. A prospective client recently told us, “We want people who are hungry.” Hungry for what you might ask? For success; a hunger for passion, for life, for your work – too many people become lazy and complacent; they lose their “twinkle.”

For us this, this meant not looking to “find” where we fit into the corporate world, it meant “creating” our own vision and plan, and carving out a spot where we chose to play in the world. This evolved into doing what we love day in and day out leading us to the launch of Bevel – a creation born out of our love for media, strategy, finance, building brands, developing executives, and tackling big challenges.

So why exactly did we create Bevel? We created Bevel to:

– challenge the industry, our clients and ourselves
– impact and influence leading issues in the financial industry
– support businesses both large and small in meeting their goals and growth targets
– counsel and advise companies through market challenges and opportunities
– build long term relationships with companies and clients
– open our clients to new opportunities and ideas
– provide a different approach and perspective from traditional PR

We are fortunate enough to work with many successful entrepreneurs and business executives, who have a similar mindset. A like-minded view often leads to some of our favorite and most exciting engagements whether it is entrepreneurs disrupting an industry, a company with an impactful product innovation, or thought leaders bringing political change to an issue.

Looking to create your story? Tell us about it. We’d love to help you with an idea, strategy, problem or opportunity.

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