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Why Bevel?

February 20, 2017

Before I answer, “Why Bevel?” you’ve already answered the most important question for us when you read the title of the blog post, which is: “Do you know how to pronounce the name of our company?” I’m guessing, you do.

When going through the naming process, companies often choose fanciful names from completely made-up words or real words used out of context. Difficult to pronounce, these names also require extensive marketing dollars to get your audience to make the connection with the goods or services the brand represents. It can also be a challenge for global firms with a presence in multiple markets – the ability to infer the meaning is lost in translation so to speak.

So we thought, why do extra work when we can let the name speak for itself? A bevel is the sloped edge that connects two surfaces. Our firm is the powerful influencer that helps introduce you to your key stakeholders – the “beveled edge” that brings together two groups essential to success in the financial industry. By helping you to align your communications with business objectives, we will develop a message that is unique to your firm that will penetrate the global markets.

Is your firm stuck in the naming process? Bevel up. We can help you.

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