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A Year-End Message from Our Executive Chair

December 21, 2021



As we reflect on this extraordinary year for Bevel, I am reminded of a personal milestone that is fast approaching: my longest tenure at a job during my career. I’ve never actually stayed at a job for more than four years: call it boredom, a toxic boss or just an itch I needed to scratch, I always found myself yearning for more. This February 2022, I am beyond thrilled that we will be celebrating Bevel’s five year anniversary. Founding and growing Bevel has been one of my most rewarding personal and professional experiences. The opportunity to interact with and build strategies for the technology evangelists of our century is an honor – and, for the very first time in any job, I haven’t been bored. 


Our lesson from last year was to “never waste a crisis,” and this year Bevel doubled down on this mandate and continued to grow our business at a rapid pace. Over the course of the year, as a reflection of our reputation and success, we have signed a number of new clients that are high-profile leaders and category creators, with a growing waitlist of companies eager to work with us in 2022. In part due to our hard work, four of Bevel’s clients have recently had successful exits to Robinhood, Coinbase (x2) and TradingView. Another area of focus has been our SPAC-related media and investor relations strategies for our high-profile clients that are in the process of going public. Meanwhile, our seed stage clients grew into multi-billion dollar companies. We’ve also launched an influencer, social and paid marketing practice to provide an end-to-end communications service. 


On the Bevel team side, we continued to search for and hire the best talent from a variety of industries. We have tripled the size of our team, with the goal of being a team of 50 by the end of next year. Our success in this last year has been evident in our numbers–in terms of both revenue and employee growth.  Bevel’s revenue has grown over 65% year over year.


In addition to our growing team and client roster, we continue to broaden our footprint and significantly invested in our New York and Los Angeles offices. We moved into a marquee Broadway office in Soho, with plans to expand to the full floor in 2022. What’s next on our list? Miami. We’re excited to grow our team in Miami where the top innovators are building the future tech ecosystem in crypto, NFTs and blockchain technology. In true Bevel fashion, we want to be where innovation is taking off.


As a part of our Operating Principles, we continue to be in build mode and are laser-focused on investing in our team both as individuals and in our firm as a whole. As previously mentioned, we are rolling out a more robust professional development plan for everyone, with additional resources devoted to expanding our team. 


For the coming year, we want to prioritize two long-term goals I’ve had for this firm. The first is to expand internationally. On the short list, I would like to see us create a foothold in Europe, whether it is in London or Tel Aviv. We have the talent and resources to be an international firm, and this will be a definitive step in bringing that to life. Second, we are hard at work to launch our venture capital fund, Capital V, which will allow us to do what we do best and create value for companies that we want to partner with and strategically invest in. Lastly, we’re launching new practices in 2022 including executive profiling and expanding into new industries: space, women’s health and sustainability. 


No one expected this year to have turned out the way it did with the extension of the COVID pandemic, but using the lessons we learned from last year, we continued to forge our path forward together as a team. Our brand and the reputation we’ve built is unmatched in the industry, and that is something we built together. I am so proud of what we’ve done thus far and  look forward to celebrating our five year anniversary together and seeing this team achieve more in 2022.


With gratitude,




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