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Opportunity favors the bold – how we think about hiring top influencer talent

June 18, 2018

At Bevel, we’ve taken a different approach to hiring talent. The main difference: we don’t hire traditional PR execs. Why? We hire for character traits. We hire people who are bold, who are willing to take on any task – even if it’s the most impossible or ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard of – and, who love challenging the status quo.

Our team is made up of former analysts, SEO execs, hedge fund communicators and entrepreneurs. We’re a team of different backgrounds and talents, but we all carry one specific trait: we don’t take no for an answer. Literally never. And love a good negotiation, even if it’s over what cupcakes to order for a colleague’s birthday.

Some tall orders our execs have been asked to fill on their first week:

  • Turn the debt calculator off in Union Square
  • Get Warren Buffet, Arianna Huffington and Mark Cuban to speak at our VC’s client event
  • Throw an LGBT fintech festival, rose-garden themed, in Soho in three weeks
  • Secure a TODAY Show slot for our consumer tech client; and, a CFPB advisor slot
  • Memorize 200+ names and faces and plus ones – Devil Wears Prada style
  • Turn an ambulance into a mobile tech hotspot at SXSW

And our answer to all of these things? We will try. While we don’t succeed in getting what we want 100% of the time, we come pretty damn close. We represent our clients and their dreams as if they were our own and are as passionate about what they’re building as they are.

Sometimes it can be hard to turn it off – our friends and significant others are probably sick of our clients’ news — but we are people who were born promoting the success and positive traits of others and the things we love. The friends who told you what looked good and were bold enough to tell you what didn’t.

At Bevel, we believe top talent can be recruited from any industry so if you’re at all curious about what a career at a top communications consultancy would look like but are stuck in a field you’re not so passionate about: give us a call. We are representing some of the smartest and most talented CEOs in the tech industry.

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