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Member Spotlight: Richard Gallo

March 19, 2018

Richard is all about results. He believes behind every great strategy is measurable results and that is what motivates him in his career. Building an idea from the ground up and seeing it come to fruition is important to him because there is a sense of accomplishment behind that and the ambition to always top that the next time around.

Richard is a graduate of the University of Delaware with degrees in English/Professional Writing and Spanish Studies. He brings a background in beauty PR to Bevel. In his previous role, he was responsible for the daily management of 6 clients and built relationships with print and online editors in addition to working with influencers. His passion for PR and eagerness to learn led him to this new role and he is excited to enter the world of fintech PR.


Why do you love PR? Why did you get into it? 

I love meeting new people and talking to people so it felt like a natural fit from the moment I first learned more about PR during my freshmen year of college. Having a job in a field that is based off relationship building really appeals to me. I’ve had a great time getting to work with some amazing editors and navigating the consumer and trade media landscape that I am looking forward to getting to do this in a new capacity.


Name your favorite project that you’ve worked on so far in your career. 

It is so hard to pick because I’ve gotten to work on so many great projects for a diverse portfolio of clients anywhere from drugstore to salon professional to high end and luxury brands. I would have to say my favorite project would have to be with a skincare brand we started representing a few months into my time at my previous agency. It is a Japanese brand with Spanish heritage, so I was able to be creative with mailers, pitches and entertaining editors at target consumer outlets, including PopSugar and Refinery29. I also had the unique opportunity to own the makeup artist/influencer program. I curated a list of who’s who in the beauty industry such as Chloë Grace Moretz and Selena Gomez’s makeup artists. There were a lot of factors that went into this such as their celebrity clients, red carpet work and editorial coverage. Overall, it was amazing to see placements in top consumer outlets as a result and the positive feedback from the makeup artist/influencer program.


Aside from relationship building, what else drew you to PR?

I would say writing and event planning. These are two of my favorite activities to do in my personal life so to get to be able to do them for a living makes it even more worthwhile. I love all the little details that go into events and seeing all the pieces fall together. I also enjoy the rush the day-of and being in the middle of everything.


How is PR changing news in your opinion?

I would definitely say the way people are receiving their news. There are so many different outlets for people to get their news quicker and quicker and PR plays a big role in that. Print placements used to be much more valuable, but with a rise in the use of social media, an Instagram story or Snapchat story is going to reach a wider audience. A lot of news outlets have taken notice and joined in on this trend. Now it’s up to us publicists to find ways to integrate our brands into these social platforms and make it meaningful.


What’s a perfect weekend look like for you?

A perfect weekend would start with a perfect everything bagel sandwich. Then, it would hopefully take me all over the city. There’s so much ground to cover in NYC that I am always trying to find new places to eat, to see and to get the perfect Instagram. I also love Broadway musicals. I am a sucker for a good show. I’m guilty of seeing Waitress four times so far and there’s still a laundry list of shows I haven’t seen yet. I would love to watch as many as I can and experience everything NYC has to offer me.


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