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Member Spotlight: Asha Haki-Tyler

February 14, 2018

Creativity. Competency. Confidence. Culture.

Bevel associate Asha Haki-Tyler believes in these four qualities’ combined exceptional power to amplify any brand’s image and reputation, including her own.

Born and raised in Southwest Atlanta, GA, as the daughter of two artists, she discovered early her passion for helping others uncover and positively exploit their creativity. Graduating from Boston University with a BS in Advertising & Public Relations, Asha is a jack of many trades, having been involved in traditional PR & media outreach, graphic design, event planning, and her favorite, social ignition. In this digital age, Asha has levied her passion and expertise in creative communication to elevate the brands of nonprofits, analyzers, boutiques, and entertainers.  


How do you gain the confidence of your clients?

I’m dedicated to being transparent and authentic with clients. It’s important for clients not only to know that I have the technical abilities to be successful with their brand, but to truly understand the process I’m embarking on to propel them to their target audience. By taking a personalized approach to finding commutuality with the client, and executing their goals with efficiency, I build a strong foundation for long-lasting trust.


How can you infuse culture into a successful branding campaign?

Successful PR relies not on doing a 180 with a client, but rather a 360. Returning to a client’s “roots,” to extract and amplify the common ground it has with its intended audience is a fantastic way to truly connect and redefine its brand. In this day and age, it’s important for clients to stay authentic; audiences can easily tell when a brand is “contrived,” or even are “culture vultures.” Positive PR comes from a clear understanding about who the client is, and aligning them with influencers and opportunities that complement its existing cultural essence.  


Why do you love PR and how did you get into it?

I love PR because I can become a magician. I can take seemingly widely-available tools and techniques, and revolutionize an extraordinary brand/reputation.

I discovered the communications world rather haphazardly; in high school, my best friend became an artist, and I started working behind the scenes to get him the right buzz throughout the Atlanta music world. Throughout this time, I had no idea what I was doing was an actual career field, I just felt passionate about helping him get the recognition he deserved. It was while talking to a college scholarship advisor that I put the “public relations” name to the practice. Since then, I have helped accelerate the brand of more up-and-coming performing & visual artists, financial analyzers, and even educational nonprofits.


You got into PR because you like helping others. What do you do for yourself?

I’m a huge thrill-seeker, so when I have the opportunity, I love traveling, hiking, and being a foodie. This past summer I went to Cuba with my closest friends and about 30 family members, and did everything from hiking the Museo de Prehistoria in the Vinales region, eating half my bodyweight in moro (rice & beans), to even getting an authentic Santeria reading done by a Babalawo in Old Havana. This year, my goal is to cross at least 4 more destinations off my bucket-list, and try to master replicating some of the food I come across in each.

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