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Member Spotlight: Armando Melendez

February 27, 2018

Armando is the newest addition to our team. He rounds us out with his expertise in Social Media. He has a passion for everything Social: Fashion, Design, and Music which allows him to create new brands for our clients. His esthetic is very organic yet precise.

Born and raised in Los Angeles. Armando has always paid close attention to detail. He has worked on Merchandise Brands for Music Bands. He has also created Social Media Brands for multiple restaurants. His love for creativity allows for limitless expansion.


How do you think Social Media relates to PR?

Social Media is a key component when doing PR. It allows me to connect a brand to its clients. People always want to see what’s new and how to be a part of the brand they are following. Different Social platforms allows brands to reach a high quantity of people.


In your opinion, what future social media marketing trends are on the horizon?

Paid amplification is changing the game as it allows brands to post advertisement at any price point that they’re comfortable with. This is major because this tool is available to any brand, you don’t need to meet a specific threshold or have a certain advertisement budget. Also videos and live feeds are a free way to connect people to a brand in such a way that viewers feel like they are there with the creator broadcasting. This gives the creator an opportunity to put out content without paying. The creator is the star, director and editor, which gives them all the artistic freedom they want.  Finally, live feeds on all platforms are ranked higher than the other media on these specific platforms, allowing the live broadcast to be first thing a viewer sees when logging on.


Personally, what’s your go-to social media platform? (Insta/Twitter) Why is it your favorite?

My go to is Instagram. I love how I can connect with others either through picture, video or a live segment without all the clutter some other platforms have; its straight and to the point. Instagram is also the most phone friendly–I don’t ever have to log on through my computer to get something done.


When you’re not tweeting or gramming, what can we find you doing? (Tell us a little about what you do outside of work!)

Well I’m always gramming. I mean, how else will people know where to find me and keep up with my busy lifestyle? I love to travel, hangout with friends and keep an active lifestyle (yoga, spin and the gym). Where I find the most peace is when I volunteer and get to be of service to others.

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