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Blog | December 29, 2020

Out With The Old And In With The New Year

2020 challenged us in so many ways but also brought growth opportunities we never could have imagined. Our team grew. Our relationships strengthened and our company culture continued to attract the best and brightest talent. Although we might be temporarily virtual, we want you to join us in 2021! Check out our careers page for […]

Blog | December 21, 2020

2020 Recap/Future of 2021 Letter

Team, We did something this year that will define everything we do from now on. We built a cornerstone of Bevel’s reputation that will be fundamental in how we’re known externally to others. We were there for our clients – and each other – for our communities and for those we love, during unprecedented times. […]

Blog | December 15, 2020

Account Member Spotlight: Kira Davis

Why do you love PR and how did you get into it?  I love that there are no creative boundaries in PR. The industry lets me think boldly and draw a whole new picture when I have an idea. At Bevel, in particular, there is always an opportunity to share and bounce around ideas with […]

Blog | November 12, 2020

Bevel, Books, and Bourbon with Founder of the 7:47 Club and Bestselling Author, Chris Schembra

On Wednesday, October 21st, we hosted our third ‘Bevel, Books and Bourbon’ virtual book club meeting. Here, we gathered the industry’s top journalists and editors, founders, CEOs, and investors for an engaging conversation with Chris Schembra, founder of the 7:47 Club and bestselling author. Chris took us through an intimate gratitude dinner experience and shared […]

Blog | October 27, 2020

Account Member Spotlight: Kayla Gill

Why do you love PR and how did you get into it?  My passion for PR stems from the opportunity to influence change. I was first introduced to PR through several internships in the lifestyle, CPG, tech and hospitality industries. From one learning opportunity to the next, I have always appreciated the creativity and fast-paced […]

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