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Bevel celebrates International Women’s Day by staying true to its identity

March 8, 2017

When deciding on the branding for Bevel, we wanted something that resonated with our clients: finance + tech + real estate, but stayed true to our identity.

Enter Hallee Schoyer, Director of Branding and Design.

She specializes in colorpop. Noun. A digital effect in which part of an image is shown in color, the rest of the image being in grey or a dull monochrome.

In the typically conservative world we find ourselves playing in, it was important for us to design a space fit for a female-founded PR firm while keeping in-mind that 100% of our clients are males. (We hope to see that change at some point.) Sometimes the line between “feminine” and “girly,” and we hate the term “PR girl,” can be tricky. The look we achieved = sophisticated, but unforgettable.

For Bevel, we felt it was important to keep a clean, crisp background for office furniture through a mix of blacks, whites and golds. The pop of aqua tied in the most prominent color in the Bevel logo and kept that flair that makes us who we are. And while we’ve received rave reviews about our logo, we also had a senior advisor say that it’s a bit “feminine.” Well, we’re feminine. We like heels, being fashionable and advising our spokespeople on what to wear for high-profile events and speaking opportunities. They appreciate the help.

We’d like to thank Poppin, a fabulous workspace design shop, that was critical in executing the right amount of color-pop while still looking professional. Gold pineapples were also a must have in fulfilling CEO Jessica Schaefer’s vision. Why you may ask? An adorable nickname donned by her closest friends.

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