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Bevel, Books, and Bourbon with New York Times Bestselling Author, Jane McGonigal

September 17, 2020

On Thursday, August 6th, we hosted our second Bevel, Books and Bourbon virtual book club meeting. Here, we gathered the industry’s top journalists and editors, founders, CEOs, and investors for an engaging conversation with New York Times bestselling author Jane McGonigal. A FastCo 100 Most Creative People, Jane’s TED Talk has been watched by 7M people around the world. Jane took us through her book, “SuperBetter: The Power of Living Gamefully” to discuss how we set goals, overcome obstacles, including anxiety and loneliness; and ultimately, improve our lives. One thing this global pandemic has forced all of us to do is build resilience — and Jane’s resilience is unmatched. 

Bevel, Books and Bourbon was founded at the onset of the pandemic, when company-sponsored Zoom happy hours were already running dry. Jessica Schaefer, founder and CEO of Bevel, realized there was a need to provide a more meaningful experience for her network and team, beyond just gathering to drink wine. 

“We represent the smartest people in the room who are all hunkered down at home during quarantine. If they’re not working, they’re reading. We decided this event would be naturally appealing to our network and give them the opportunity to socialize again through thoughtful conversation,” said Jessica Scahefer, founder and CEO of Bevel. “We’re always thinking of ways to build meaningful relationships for our network.”

The Bevel team is known for its bold thinking; exclusive, invite-only events for the media as well as clients, and its elite network.

We hope you’ll join us for our next book club! Email vincent@bevelpr.com for details.

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