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Account Member Spotlight: Misty Holbert

October 6, 2020

Why do you love PR and how did you get into it? 

I believe the power of storytelling gives brands the opportunity to connect with their customers in a real and authentic way. 

My love affair with PR did not happen overnight. It was a field that I fell into by accident. About a year out of college, I happened to join a global PR agency but in their HR department. After about 6 months, a friend told me that I really should think about “coming over to the dark side.” Six months later, I was placed on my first client account helping a government agency unveil new currency domestically and internationally. I was swept into the fast-paced world of press releases, media tours, new media tools, and communications strategy; and after two agencies and two in-house media roles, I still enjoy the thrill of creating the conditions for the magic of storytelling to occur when the right reporter meets the right executive.

What drew you to Bevel?  

I’ve always been enamored by companies that create their own rules and push the envelope. Bevel was formed as an amalgamation of taking the best of communications practices, a consulting firm’s methodology and the accountability and result-driven approach of a VC company and creating a new model for public relations. I joined Bevel to part of this change and to help innovative brands continue to disrupt the status quo.

What is your work mantra? 

Arthur C. Clark once said, “The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.”

Tell me a few things that you’re personally passionate about. 

My passions continue to evolve but at the moment I enjoy:

  • Drinking coffee at any time of day
  • Finding beauty in the unknown
  • Making the world a better place than I found it

What’s one piece of advice you have for the founders and CEOs you work with?

PR is a marathon, not a sprint. Relationship development between reporters and executives are the building blocks for meaningful storytelling and can mean the difference between a string of mere mentions and long-form features.

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