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Account Member Spotlight: Megan Enright

July 17, 2017

Account Member Spotlight: Megan Enright

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.” A passionate storyteller, Megan understands the importance of listening and then building a client’s vision through words, social media and creative strategies. A recent Villanova grad with a brief stint doing robo-advisor comms, learn why Megan is thrilled to join the Bevel team.

Why are you interested in Public Relations?

Every day is different and this versatility is what attracted me to public relations. Whether it is through different projects or accounts, I love the ability to improvise and adapt to situations. PR is largely about learning, understanding, and promoting the value of brands; I am passionate about doing so through building strong and lasting relationships with both clients and reporters.  Additionally, ever-changing technology in the industry excites me as it provides space for continuous learning, adaption, and growth.

Speaking of technology, how do you see PR changing in the future?

The rapid growth of technology has opened channels for communication and made information more accessible. Primarily, this growth is seen in the prevalence of social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have become prominent ways for brands to connect with their audiences. Companies can leverage the reach of these channels to promote product launches, partnerships, and events. Technology has also made it easier to analytically assess what is and is not working when it comes to making these connections and maintaining a consistent reputation.

How do you stay on top of industry developments and changes?

The changing landscape definitely needs to be met with a willingness to learn! I am always interested in learning from others’ experiences and enjoy reading industry news. There are many great email subscriptions available. As for clients’ development, I have found it helpful to look at competitors in the spaces and see what aspects may be missing and beneficial to incorporate. Gauging the competitive landscape can spark new ideas and help clients stay one step ahead.

Biggest lessons so far in Public Relations?

While I am a recent college graduate, I know there will be many lessons to come. So far, however, finding a mentor who truly cares about my overall success has been incredible. Through one of my first internships, I learned that it is not only about having a mentor to emulate but one you can turn to with your questions and concerns openly. The PR industry can be overwhelming at times and it is critical to have someone to help you navigate the ropes. Beyond this, relationships are everything. Transparency and hard work allow for the best success.

What can clients expect when working with you?

I’m dedicated to working with clients and taking personalized approaches. It is important that I understand my clients’ goals and can facilitate open and honest conversations. I find it helpful to look at the bigger picture, while also necessary to focus on the important details. Lastly, I believe attitude is everything and a friendly smile can go a far way.

Outside of work, Megan can be found cheering on Villanova’s basketball team, brewing another cup of coffee, or walking her dog- Max.


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