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Account Member Spotlight: Kirsten Anderson

February 1, 2019

Kirsten is a Senior Associate at Bevel PR with a diverse expertise spanning consumer, wellness, lifestyle and hospitality brand work. Through her work in PR, she’s delivered exceptional success for a vast array of brands including the St Regis, US Ski & Snowboard (2018 Olympics), Ski Utah, Squaw Valley and Peet’s Coffee.

A former competitive ski racer with a passion for the outdoors, Kirsten can be found trekking to the closet mountains outside of the city in her free time. Kirsten graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in International Relations and Communications.

What drew you to Bevel?

As a boutique sized agency with a roster of clients who are disrupting their industries, Bevel provides an opportunity to really have a seat at the table in driving success for its clients. I was eager to dive into the financial and tech industry, and Bevel’s diverse team offered a chance to collaborate with an ambitious and talented group of people whose expertise spans a variety of relevant industries.

What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

Making a difference for clients. Many people don’t understand the time and effort that goes into building a brand’s identity, or the integral role that public relations plays in constructing that image, and I love that about PR – we’re a powerful behind the scenes tool that is reshaping people’s perceptions.

What has been your biggest lesson in public relations?

Building strong relationships is essential to PR, and developing those connections takes time. That means taking a moment to understand who your audience is, research what a journalist is writing about, and strategize on how best to position a story that will resonate with the masses. One of the first lessons I learned in PR is that thoughtfulness can go a long way in developing trustworthy and long-lasting media relationships.

How would you describe yourself to a client in three words?

Curious, optimistic, and enthusiastic!

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