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Account Member Spotlight: Bubba Gramkow

January 27, 2020

What drew you to Bevel?

The opportunity to work with category-leading brands and entrepreneurs whose ideas and hard work are reshaping the future. Bevel’s clients – though we call them partners – are committed to changing the future of their industry and we are equally committed to helping them succeed. Bevel’s highly collaborative model of service help’s shape their story, amplify their message and change how people perceive the future of industry. 

What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

Scaling. At my core, I am an operator and strategist. Internally, I love designing and implementing structure and strategy that strengthens the foundation of our fast-growing company. This foundation is itself a building block that allows us to deliver dynamic work for our clients. Externally, I love applying this approach to our client work. Working with each of our clients to understand their vision, parse insights, and build narratives that will build their brand.

What advice do you most commonly give other founders and executives?

Empower your team. A functional business is built on trust and accountability;  building this into culture is critical – especially early on. Allow others within the organization to take a leading role on projects and tasks. Encourage them to be creative, expect them to work hard, and empower them with the resources and freedom they need to be successful. It’s amazing the lessons that are learned across an organization when a Manager empowers their team and the team has the freedom to grow. More often than you might think they will completely exceed your expectations.

How would you describe yourself to a client in three words?

Curious, Energetic, Diligent.

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