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Account Member Spotlight: Blake Schenerlein

January 30, 2019

Blake Schenerlein is an associate at Bevel PR, concentrating on financial technology, cybersecurity, and medical education. She kick-started her career with Bevel as an intern and transitioned into her current role to focus on research and client relations. Blake graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications, specializing in Marketing and Women’s Gender Studies. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her boyfriend and their cat, Althea. She is a live music enthusiast, an amateur pastry chef, and lover of a good book.

How did you get into PR?

While finishing up my last year at Ohio University, I began looking for jobs in the NYC area. I had taken various PR writing classes throughout my journalism degree and became interested in what I could do with journalism skills outside of writing for a publication. When I heard about Bevel I was inspired by the thought of a female-forward company in a traditionally male industry and I knew it was something I had to be a part of.

What do you like about PR?

I love that I’ve gotten to dive into a world that goes relatively unnoticed by the general public. For example, I recently helped secure a piece in the New York Times.  The evening after it published, I was riding the train home and saw that the person next to me was reading my placement! People don’t realize what goes on behind the scenes and being able to strategically tell stories that get noticed is rewarding.

What can clients expect when working with you?

The main thing my clients can expect from me is effort. I am a results-driven, hard worker- constantly thinking of new ideas and new ways I can form a story. I love research and knowing all there is to know about a subject before I dive in, making accuracy and strategic thinking a huge part of how I communicate.  The cornerstone of my work ethic is efficiency. I am a huge “deadline” focused person and I believe with proper organization anything is possible!

Biggest lessons so far in Public Relations?

Being relatively new to the world of PR, I’m facing new challenges and discomforts every day. I’ve learned to put myself out there, whether it’s on calls with journalists or sharing my ideas with the team, is the best way to get the most out of my experiences and get the optimum result.

What’s a perfect weekend look like for you?

A concert in the park! I love live music. You can catch me at a concert venue any given weekend here in the city. The accessibility to shows, art, and music is one of the reasons I moved to NYC and I take advantage of it as often as I can. If I’m not at a venue, I’m probably at home playing with my cat, Althea.

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