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2020 Recap/Future of 2021 Letter

December 21, 2020


We did something this year that will define everything we do from now on. We built a cornerstone of Bevel’s reputation that will be fundamental in how we’re known externally to others. We were there for our clients – and each other – for our communities and for those we love, during unprecedented times. You all showed up when it might have been easier to just quit. You could have said, “This is hard. I’m done.” And let me just say that would have been the easiest route, always is, but the easiest route is never rewarding.

There were a lot of people who did just that in 2020. Who missed an opportunity to grow and to learn something about themselves. There was no shortage of anxious, sometimes angry, sometimes completely unexplainable calls, emails, texts, and crisis situations that we not only dealt with, but handled with grace. This will of course influence who our clients are, who our colleagues are and who our supporters are in the future.

Early on in the pandemic, Alan Patricof said to me, “Never waste a crisis.” I thought a lot about what that meant for Bevel. I decided on two things: 1) Hire as much talent as we could since unemployment rates were sky high and really smart people were sitting at home bored or working virtually; and 2) take advantage of commercial real estate prices being 70% off. We accomplished both and I’m excited for our New York team to start the New Year and grow into our new office in Soho. 

We also doubled the company’s revenue in one of the most challenging years of my life, both personally and professionally. To start the year in the ICU in a foreign country unable to move and go full force into a pandemic just a month later was scary. If I didn’t have our team, the company would have collapsed, like the hundreds of thousands of businesses that shut down this year. This team stepped up to the challenge, and committed to The Bevel Way, growing stronger together. 

I’ve watched each of you grow professionally this year in ways you might not even have noticed. Many of you took on a leadership role well beyond your years, counseled clients through some of the most challenging times they’ll ever have to go through, and worked 12+ hour days, virtually. I am proud of the team we have in place going into 2021 and know next year we will continue to grow and build a great company together.

The goal of 2021 is to build from our strong foundation with three key areas of focus:

1)    Hire the best and brightest talent

2)    Launch a fund

3)    Expand internationally

Of course, I’ll need all of you to make any of the three things above come to life, but if we can accomplish even two out of three next year, our company will be in an incredible place at the close of 2021.

As you take this time off with your families, friends, and those closest to you, take a minute to self-reflect and thank yourself for the work you’ve done. Like me, they should be very proud of all you’ve accomplished this year.

See you next year!

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